Vanished Troy Hill

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Around 2008, PennDOT began work to expand Route 28 (East Ohio Street) along Pittsburgh's North Shore. As a result, around 50 buildings were demolished to make way for the highway expansion. The area along the foot of Troy Hill, also known as Mala Jaska, was home to many families and businesses. This webpage is an attempt to document the buildings that were wiped off the map. The pictures are from Google Street View as of May 2008, before the buildings had been torn down.

Although the focus of this page is Troy Hill, the buildings that were demolished in Millvale are also included in the scope of this project.

1636 East Ohio Avenue
Photo: Google Street View
1636 East Ohio Avenue, one of the many buildings demolished.

Inventory of Demolished Buildings

Approximately 50 buildings were demolished in the Route 28 expansion. For convenience we have grouped these into several sections:

  • Section 1- Starting at the 16th street exit and heading east, includes Northshore and Allegheny auto body repair shops.
  • Section 2- Continuing east on East Ohio Street, includes St. Nicholas Church and J&D auto body repair shop.
  • Section 3- Further east, a number of houses.
  • Section 4- Nickel's Custom Crete.
  • Section 5- Sukit's Auto Body.
  • Section 6- Rialto Street area, Market Review Publishing Company and Lambros Lounge/Ron's Pizza Palace, Arment Auto Sales
  • Section 7- Millvale Industrial Park

News about Route 28 Expansion and the Demolished Buildings

Here are some news articles about the Route 28 expansion and the buildings that were demolished to make way for it: