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Things go in, but not out. Illuminatus Trilogy is a wonderful source of inspiration, and I love the unexpected way it went unexpectedly haywire on page 55. Sometimes I think they're doing it on purpose.

There are notes about Major Andre's route through Westchester at Xydexx's Wiki, as everyone is crazy if you don't understand their motives. Where there is sugar, there are ants, however. So what happens on the wiki stays on the wiki. At least it makes for a good playspace. You can never have too much playspace.

Ye gods, this guy's name was Lambert Lambert. Much like I'm referred to as Xydexx Xydexx, The Pony So Nice They Named Him Twice.

It could always be worse. He could have been named William Vanwort. I'm just saying. WART.

A Funny Story

British Legends was an old Compuserve multiplayer text adventure I used to play so many years ago. This was back in the old days before we had fancy graphics like World Of Warcraft or EverQuest or Second Life and all the other stuff kids today are playing. The object of the game as far as I can remember was to find treasure and then throw it into the swamp to get points. And we was proud to do it, I tells ya!

Now, the swamp there, it had gas. Not from eating too many beans or nothing, because that would just be silly. No, it had flammable, explosive gas, so you always had to remember to extinguish your fire brand when you went to swamp your treasure so you wouldn't blow yourself up.

So one day some guy yells for everyone to come to the swamp and have a SWAMPING PARTY. Come one, come all, throw your treasure into the swamp! Silly me, I had some treasure, and I'd been playing this game for a while, so I entered the commands to go to the swamp in rapid succession and waited for my 300 baud connection to catch up.

So I'm watching the descriptions of my travels scroll up the screen, until the move right before the swamp, at which point I watch helplessly as the line "So-and-so hands you fire brand (lit)" scrolls across the screen. And of course, I've already typed my command to go to the swamp a few minutes ago, so in retrospect I imagine my character going:

"Nyu-hyuk, gawrsh, thanks!"

As he takes the lit fire brand, walks into the swamp, and explodes.

Xydexx and the Robot Pony Army

Xydexx is still the squeakiest pony ever. However, he doesn't like being put in the spotlight. As e-fame is overrated, he's since decided to shun the public eye and become a wealthy eccentric.

In July 2007, Xydexx began working on a robotic pony army which will serve his every whim and desire. World conquest may be among his future plans.

Does a man living in Los Angeles understand what a seagull is?

I like having my beliefs challenged, as long as it actually involves a challenge and my beliefs.

I'm not here for the entertainment of asshats. Asshats and their supporters make the internet a greyer, less-interesting place, IMHO.

The good news is that it's a big internet, it's hard to clean, and harder for folks to follow if you just want to pull up stakes and move to higher ground. I've moved to higher ground before; I can do it again. We can do anything we really want to.

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