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The Game Of Dies

The Game Of Dies was inspired by a badly-translated website about computer games. In this form it is about as much of a game as Mornington Crescent is, only with an added element of DANGER.


Game of dies. The game of the dies which include yahtzee of the game of the dies excretes the game of the dies.

The Game Of Dies was invented in 1895 as a collaborative effort between a porpoise and a man without a porpoise, Ernest Hemingway.

There are two variations of The Game Of Dies:

  • You Excrete — The small amount which excretes the download of the game. It was full in life, you excrete and/or and excrete! If other things it nominates, communicating to us, you are moved which junk game by freely.
  • Yahtzee — The game of Yahtzee freeware/shareware. Deluxe everything of 1 Yahtzee and Yahtzee. It comes directly, if it goes mainly well. If it nominates one; The feeling of the freedom which you communicate to us.

You Excrete was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway when he had writer's block. The Yahtzee version has the addition of deluxe everything and is suitable for playing with porpoises.

Oooh, My Eye!

Yahtzee of the game of the dies the game of the including dies excretes the game of the dies. Release the game of the dies, download of the share product of the game of the dies the case cut in the eye.

In the Yahtzee variation one can use the porpoises as projectile weapons. This can be dangerous and is only recommended for skilled players. You can potentially put your eye out with this game, so it is unsafe for children. Fun though it may be, do not put your eye out.

Apologies if these instructions are not comprehensible. I haven't played the game in over a decade and am rusty like a robot that went to the beach and had so much fun it stayed there until it couldn't function anymore and now has seagulls living in its head.

Karl Xydexx Jorgensen

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