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About Xydexx

Welcome, curious internet traveler! Karl Xydexx Jorgensen is an eccentric weirdo who likes to ride around on a recumbent bike. He sometimes likes to roleplay a silly squeaky inflatable lavender unicorn (Xydexx Squeakypony) on the internet. Some people say Xydexx sold his sense of humor for some magic beans in 2001 and now takes everything seriously, but the funny thing is the only people who take things more seriously than Xydexx are people who think Xydexx takes everything seriously.

How seriously do you think someone who pretends to be an inflatable unicorn online is, seriously? He's LAVENDER!

When he isn't riding his recumbent bike around, Xydexx likes to explore old creepy abandoned buildings and go hiking to crumbling abandoned mansions and iron ore mines out in the woods. Xydexx is always seeking out cute and weird things, and thinks life was meant to be awesome. You can find out more about Xydexx on his LiveJournal.

What has Xydexx been doing lately?

November 23, 2015. It was another busy weekend! I went into DC with Rigel and his parents and we visited a few museums. First stop was the National Postal Museum to see an exhibit on New York in postage stamps, but it didn't actually start until December. Instead we saw an exhibit on Postsecret. Next we hiked through the cold to the Hirshhorn Museum for an exhibit on Surrealism. There was an interesting film by Sergio Caballero that I would have liked to see more of but we still had a lot of ground to cover. We stopped to get a few pictures of the Zero Milestone and then headed to our next stop, the Renwick Gallery, which recently re-opened after a two year renovation and had an exhibition called Wonder. There were many interesting sculptures. After a walk past the White House we stopped at Absolute Noodle for dinner, then I got some coffee in Union Station and we headed home. Renovations with the kitchen are continuing: Our switch plates arrived in the mail, although I ordered the wrong size and need to return them. Strudel is still adorable and we're having a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving.

What did Xydexx do earlier?

You Can't Go There Anymore

I've got my first page about about the buildings that were demolished while Route 28 was being expanded. I am calling the project Vanished Troy Hill. There's soon to be more pictures up once I get them organized, but so far I have a basic page with some related news articles. I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize the pictures. I was originally thinking of dividing them into seven equal parts but on second thought, organizing them by what groups they're in seems like a better idea.

Vanished Troy Hill

November 19, 2015. Announcing a new project! I've started designing my new webpage documenting the buildings that were demolished by the Route 28 widening in Troy Hill, near Pittsburgh. I'm hoping to have at least some of the pages up this weekend! Watch for updates soon!

Xydexx's Busy Weekend

November 6, 2015. Ready for another action-filled weekend? I am. I haven't gotten started on my project of documenting all the demolished buildings on Route 28 project yet. I'm actually a bit concerned because my hastily-scribbled notes on it seem to have gone missing. I will try to hunt them down today. Think of all the things I could do if I was more organized! So many projects and so little time to do them all. I also wanted to update my Minecraft page but I haven't had much time to play lately. Ohwell. Hope everyone has a fun weekend.

October 30, 2015

It's going to be a busy weekend! I've thought up another modern ruins project: Researching and documenting the now-demolished buildings that used to be along Route 28 in Pittsburgh. It will be a possible addition to my Modern Ruins page. Then tomorrow I have to go see Mom and help with her computer issues, carve a pumpkin for Halloween, get the new kitchen countertops installed, and be ready in time for Trick-or-Treaters in the evening. Busy, busy! Maybe I'll finish up some mail art or do some baking as well if I have any remaining free time. Yummy pumpkin bread!

October 25, 2015

I should note the Quotidian Adventures of Xydexx will not necessarily be the same as the proposed project associated with Xydexx_ebooks. In other news, I've moved some of the content on this page because the length was getting rather unweildy. There are links on the bottom of this page showing the new location of the 2010 journal entries and verbose transcription of the TV Show video. I think I might update the color scheme and design of this page as well, as I haven't done that in a while and it's good to change things up every now and then.

October 19, 2015

Silly idea: The Quotidian Adventures of Xydexx. Featuring such everyday tales as Xydexx Organizes His Sock Drawer, Xydexx Bakes Pumpkin Raisin Bread, Xydexx Burps and Blames it on Rigel, Xydexx Bakes More Pumpkin Raisin Bread, The Personal Home Page of Xydexx (TPHPX), and Xydexx's Know Your Meme Profile. Short microfiction about everyday stuff like Xydexx's commute to work or fascination with 273 Broadway in New York City. It could happen!